Turn A Profit Into A Jackpot

Turn A Profit Into A Jackpot

Forex or Foreign Exchange trading these days has not only become a huge industry for online trade investors, but in fact, it is the largest market in the world. It is a very profitable arena to do trading, and huge companies are not the only ones given the advantage, but many independent individuals can now take on the market through the Internet.

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Here are some major reasons why Foreign Exchange is a good market to do trades:

Low Costs For Investments

One very good thing about trading Forex online is that there are very minimal costs that a party has to undertake. Because there are no middlemen involved and one can easily do direct trades with the market responsible for the pricing of currencies, this means that there are no more commissions that you have to pay.

In Forex trading, there are no clearing fees, government fees or brokerage fees that you have to take care of because brokers in this market are compensated for their services through a bid-ask spread.

There are also very low costs for each transaction. And each bid or ask spread is usually only less than 0.1 percent when there are normal market conditions. For larger dealers, the least you can pay is only as low as .07 percent.images (1).jpg

The Market Is Open For 24 Hours

Another factor why so many people find the Forex trade very convenient is the fact that it never sleeps. It is open for 24 hours a day from Sunday in the evening to Friday afternoon EST, and therefore people do not have to wait for the opening bell.

This can be very practical especially for those who only trade part-time because they can at least do business whenever they are free –in the morning, noon or at night.

Make A Profit Today

In Forex trading, even a small margin deposit can be able to control a larger value for total contract. Through this leverage, the trader can make a lot of profit, while keeping minimal risks.

A good example for this is when brokers in the Foreign Exchange offer a 200 to 1 leverage, because with a 50-dollar margin deposit, a trader could buy or sell 10,000 dollars worth of currencies.

But take note that without proper risk management, there is a huge chance for you to experience significant losses along with gains.

High Liquidity

Due to the fact that the Forex industry is the largest market today and because so many parties have gotten involved in it, liquidity has become quite prevalent in this market.

It is very unlikely that you can ever get stuck in a Forex trade. Under normal market conditions, one can easily do trades at will with just a simple click of the mouse. And in fact, in Forex trading, you can have more freedom to automatically close your position when you have reached your aimed profit level just by setting your online trading platform.

There are many advantages in doing Foreign Exchange trades online. In many ways, it proves to be a very practical arena, but the promises for huge profits are never compromised.

There is no wonder why this market has become so popular and huge. And so, if you are interested in investing, with a little hard work and exposure, then the Forex market can surely be a good place to start investing.
Going into anything blind is a formula for your failure. This is especially so when you go into the stock market. There’s an old saying that goes, “Fail to plan and you plan to fail.” Simple words to live by but a lot of people have ignored them and have consequently lost thousands of dollars to the vagaries of the market. If you don’t want to end up losing your shirt on the market, you better start your entry into it by formulating a trading plan.


So, how do we go about doing it then? Well, the foundations of a trading plan is this: what are your objective? How much money do you want to earn? It would be best and easiest to start your plan by setting a definite number for you to aim for every month or maybe weekly. This gives you a specific goal to meet and helps you focus on what you want.

Next, you should choose the particulars of your entry into the market. What markets are you interested in going into? What commodities or products? This choice should be based on your knowledge and interests. It’s pretty self-defeating to trade in stocks you’re in for purely money. That’s because lack of interest usually translates into non-interest in current events in that particular product’s field. Not knowing what’s happening in a market that you’re trading in would be disastrous. So focus on markets that you have knowledge of and are willing to learn about.

After knowing what you’ll be trading in, it’s time to roll up your sleeves and hit the books. Choosing particular stocks in a one field is important and this is done by reviewing the performance of the stocks in a particular market. This defines what stocks you will be getting and what your possible strategies are. Are you going to go for the slow and steady route? Stocks that have consistent performance through the years. Want some quick money? New stocks moving upwards in recent times can be a boon for you.

As I mentioned earlier, choosing stocks goes hand-in-hand with formulating a strategy. These strategies would specify at what price you would start buying a particular piece of stock and how much money to spend on it. They also indicate at positive and negative prices would you start selling the shares that you have accumulated.

Your trading plan should also include some specifics: just exactly what sort of trader would you be? A day trader who is focused on the daily market schedule or a swing trader who goes beyond it? The plan should also specify how exactly are you going to trade: calling up your broker once in a while or having your own computerized stock ticker on your home PC can make a whole lot of difference to your profit margin. Of course, there’s the danger of oever-planning: don’t be seduced by all that fancy software being advertised. All you need for stock trading is an accurate way to get stock information and that can be as easy as having Bloomberg TV always on or as involved as the aforementioned stock ticker.

Finally, your plan should have a margin of error or at least a level of adaptability. A whole lot of things happen on the stock market and you can’t exactly be expected to take into account everything that might happen in the market. Having your plan be able to handle something you didn’t think about can help make sure you don’t accidentally lose money.

A good trading plan can mean the difference between losing your savings or having a nice little retirement, so keep this in your mind as you formulate your own. Being able to sell art is not an easy task. Even those people who are already art collectors are hesitant to be the first buyers from obscure or not so well known artists. Additionally, it is way more difficult to sell to people who are not really art collectors and do not know anything about you. However, once you get to make that first sale of your masterpiece, selling again would be a lot easier than before.

Is Your Art Ugly?

As an artist, you should not start doubting yourself about your creativity and skill with your art if you are unable to sell them or only sell a couple. There are several reasons on why people who already like art do not buy pieces often. Such reasons are related to their knowledge about art, self-confidence, identity crisis of what their taste really is, and how much it matters to them what other people would say about the pieces they buy.

A lot of people in the art industry, whether they are new ones or old, usually worry of what other people would say about their purchase, or that their colleagues and friends would make fun of them. Even though a person likes a certain artwork of yours, they
are probably not sure on how well done the piece is, whether it’s really worth the price, or whether you as an artist is established enough in your career to warrant such prices.

Thus, your job as an artist is to help those people that admire your art feel secure and comfortable with you both, as an artist and a businessperson. As you do this, you help alleviate whatever other fears that they may have and have a higher probability that
they’d buy your art.

If you don’t know where to start, then here are some tips on how you can make admirers of your art buy your piece and hopefully in time, turn them into patrons.

Tell Them: It’s OK, Really

Before you even start off with your sales talking, you should be able to show people that purchasing your artworks is okay. You can try talking about other collectors that have bought your pieces, what kind of people they are and how long you have been transacting
with them. Doing this would make your prospective buyer let go of the thought that you’re just some bozo trying to sell him a piece of junk and get hold of his cash.

However, if you haven’t had any collectors, then you should say so honestly. You should tell your prospective buyer that you are open to the possibility of selling your art to them, although you haven’t really done this before.

How Do You Sell?

You should also talk to them about your method of selling your art and in what specific circumstances do people buy it. Additionally, it would be helpful if you tell stories or anecdotes of how other collectors have bought their first artworks from you. You should also talk about your most recent sale, how you were able to sell it, and for how much.

The method of how you price your works should be mentioned too, along with which of your work types is the favourite among collectors, and how many have you sold all in all.


Lastly, it would be very helpful to talk about the exposures that you’ve had in the industry, such as museum or institution exhibits, galleries, trade fairs, and awards or honours that you’ve received. Compared with their real-world business counterparts, affiliate marketing is different in a rather radical way. One of the most radical ideas is that in online business, preselling is just as important, if not more so, than the business of actual selling.

Just a few years back, online businesses used to do their own necessary work and all other related things in their own sites. The reasoning was that there was no better place to presell their site than on their site itself.

Unfortunately, very few small business sites were successful. Preselling has its own art and science. Also, it was discovered that separate preselling sites are better off alone than incorporating them in the actual selling sites.

It was not long after when secrets and techniques starting cropping up from everywhere. Some were tried and tested to be effective. Some were good, and some are so-so. Here are some of the really better ones.

Information give-away

The first secret is to give away useful free information to the public. In exchange for this freebie, make your visitors give their email addresses.

This is very important in the sense that this should be the primary objective of your site – getting contact data. With this, you will now be able to send your marketing message to them again and again at no cost.

Offer visitors interesting special reports or email courses that will position you as the expert. Your reports could include buying tips, questions to ask during buying, what to look for in buying, and many other pertinent things.


When you talk about yourself, people tend not to listen or go away. But when people without any vested interest in your success sing your praises, the magic begins.

Be an avid collector of testimonials simply because they are so powerful. Sprinkle them all over your site, but never in one grouping.

These testimonials do not have to be from customers alone. Get some from industry experts, well-known personalities and other celebrities (only from those who can give them out for free).

Our story page

A page on different stories of people will humanize your site and present you (and your people) as real rather than a bag of words. For trust and rapport-building, this technique is tops.

Tell the people in your own personal storytelling style the stories behind the company, the people around, and some other interesting tidbits. Here you can talk about your awards and achievements without sounding like a windbag.

Case studies

The stories here are special because they are testimonials with a twist – problems found and solved.

The key to the writing is the explanation of the problem, presentation of the solution that solved the problem and finally, the description of the positive results.


Most sites have the common mistake of presenting boring specifications and data in describing their product. Compelling descriptions, colorful imagery – these are just some tools in making your copy come alive.

Make separate mini-sales letters to each of your product and describe its benefits. Highlight the emotion why your prospect should choose it.

All in all, these tips are some of the best techniques there are in the area of preselling. Give them a chance to prove themselves.
Chess is not complete without its gears. Over the years, little has changed to the equipments used for chess games. The board and pieces, with the exception of the rules, have remained slightly similar to its predecessors. However, the trend of designing chess
sets has been practiced for several centuries. Themes from different sources, be it literature, movie or popular culture, were used to design the board and pieces used for chess games.

The Chess Sets

There are several variations of designs for chess sets. Basically, chess pieces used for the game are figurines that are taller than they are wide. They are also available in an array of designs. However, probably the most popular design is the Staunton
design, after Howard Staunton, the 19th century English chess player. Staunton designs were created by Nathaniel Cook.

Staunton style chess sets were first seen in 1849 and were created by Jaques of London. Since then, the Staunton designs were considered as the standard design used for actual chess games.

The demand for the universal model of chess pieces were renewed during the late 18th century and early 19th century. During those times, chess was beginning to become popular and gained interest particularly in international plays. The styles and varieties of the
conventional form started in the 15th century and had expanded by the beginning of the 19th century.

During that period, some of the most popular conventional styles and chess sets were the English Barleycorn, the French Regence, the St. George and the Central European Selenus. Most of the pieces used were tall, cumbersome during chess games and easily tipped. However, the major disadvantage of such chess sets was on the uniformity of the pieces. The game’s outcome could be altered due to the player’s unfamiliarity with the opponent’s pieces.

The Staunton Chess Set

The early 19th century called for the need of a standard chess set with pieces that were universally accepted by chess players of different backgrounds. The first solution to the problem was released in 1849 by John Jaques of London, which was then the games and sports manufacturers of Hatton Garden, London, England. Although Nathaniel Cook was credited with the Staunton design, it was believed that his brother-in-law, John Jaques, conceived the design.

The Staunton chess design underwent several theories. Firstly, the development of the set has utilized prestigious architectural concepts. Since the architects of London were influenced by the neoclassical style of the Romans and Greeks, the appearance of the new chessmen was based on this style and the piece achieved what seemed to be symbols of the Victorian society.

The second theory involved Jaques experimenting with a design, which would not only be accepted by the players but could also be produced at an affordable price. Eventually, Jaques synthesized and borrowed several elements from pre-existing sets to create a
new design that used universally acknowledged symbols atop usual stems and bases. More so, the pieces were compact, well-balanced and weighted to give a set that was understandable as it was useful.

During the third theory, the Staunton design was the combination of both theories with the synergy of Nathaniel Cook and the artisan John Jaques.

The design was then patented in March 1, 1849; Nathaniel Cook registered the Ornamental Design for Chessmen. During that date, there was no provision for the registration of any design of ivory and was only limited to articles chiefly made of wood. Men and dating games seem to go hand in hand. Does this sound familiar. . .Mary and John met at a friends party. There was an immediate attraction and they spent most of the evening talking. John asked Mary for her number at the end of the night and she expected him to call the next day as he had said he would. He did call her. But it was three days later. Why is explained below along with some other games that men play.

1) Men have a 3 day rule. The guys will charm the woman upon their first acquaintance. He’ll take her number and may even kiss her passionately good bye. But they don’t call until 3 days later. Why? Because this takes the woman down a notch. By the third day, she’s already at the point of giving up. She’s asking herself why he isn’t calling and what she did wrong. Then, he calls with the excuse that he’s been really busy. Most women already know about the three day rule, but it works anyway.

2) Men and dating games aren’t always recognized easily, especially in this example. Women generally assume that men have a hard time commiting to relationships and men take advantage of this stereotype. They use the excuse of “I’m getting over a serious relationship”, “I’ve been scarred from my parent’s divorce”, “my last girlfriend cheated on me”, among others.

But they are just excuses. While these events may actually be true, they aren’t the reasons that a guy won’t commit. He will use these lines to keep you attached without him having to be too attached. If this doesn’t bother you, then there’s no reason to worry. If it does, consider just letting him get over this phase while you date someone else with fewer issues.

3) You’ve met them. The guys that act as if they are God’s gift to women. They behave as if they are doing you a favor by dating you. This isn’t really a game. This type of guy probably really does believe this – but you shouldn’t! If you’re really into a guy like this, be careful. He can really get into your head and change your image of himself and even yourself. But if you’re just looking for a little fun, this type of guy is probably the one to give it to you. Just turn the tables and take advantage of what he has to offer for a few days or however long you’re interested.

Men and dating games are relatively new in comparison to women and dating games. It’s pretty much understood that women are the manipulative ones when it comes to relationships. So hold no grudges – they’re just trying to get in on the fun! Now that you are aware of some of their tricks, you can enjoy it too.
Assembling the equipment and the ingredients to make beer is a cut and dried operation. The process of making beer at home isn’t really a mystery. That is one of the reasons that home brewing has become so popular. Because you can get set up to brew beer at home with a relatively low investment in equipment and ingredients, it’s easy to get started on making your own beer. And when you finish that first batch and it is stored away to be sampled in a few weeks, the excitement that you soon will be drinking your own beer is a unique feeling and one you want to repeat often.

Once you have confirmed that you can indeed make beer, the next question comes up is – can you make GOOD beer? When you tasted that first batch, you were pretty excited because it really was beer. But you may have noticed some aspects of the beer you would like to improve. The beer may have been too bitter or have too strong a hops flavor. The clarity of the beer may have been imperfect or you could see stuff floating around in your beer.

But these flaws are acceptable at first because they drive you to want to become a better beer maker. You want your beer to be so flavorful and enjoyable to drink that your guests say its as good or better than store bought beer and that it even lives up to the quality at the local beer pub. That’s a tall order but part of the fun of brewing beer at home is to strive for those goals. To get there, some of the tricks that the old pros of home brewing know will help a lot. Some of their wisdom can help you move from a rookie beer maker into the ranks of people and actually know what they are doing.

Most recipes for making beer at home call for making a batch of five gallons of beer. That’s a lot of beer. So sometimes home brewers try to cut the batch to make less beer. It’s done with good intent. It’s hard to store five gallons of beer. And if you don’t drink your own beer up pretty fast (or give it away), the beer can go stale or bad which is hard to see watch happen to “your” beer. But old pros tell us don’t cut the batch and go ahead and make beer up five gallons at a time. You need that quantity to get the full value out of the brewing process. And it’s hard to adjust the recipes for a smaller batch which means that there is a good chance you will end up with a beer that does not have the right balance of malt, hops and yeast. The outcome can be a beer that is difficult or impossible to drink and it all gets thrown out. Better to make five gallons of good beer than three gallons of undrinkable brew.

The more you study and learn about beer making, the better you will become at home brewing. Don’t just go from the instructions that come with the equipment. Sink your teeth into learning all you can. The beer you make will benefit from the homework you do. And you will have more fun too.

Just as it’s not advisable to cut the size of any batch of home made beer you produce, also avoid cutting corners in terms of time or clean up. Sometimes it seems that boiling the beer in progress which is called the “wort” for an hour to an hour and a half seems like a lot. But the long boiling time helps the ingredients mesh in just the right way. It also boils off bad elements of the mixture that you don’t want in the beer and it brings out the flavors of the malt, the grains and the hops so you are getting the best of those ingredients. Finally, don’t be worried about being too fussy about cleanliness. Keeping your boiling pots and fermentation tanks absolutely clean and sterile assures that nothing will get into the beer except that pure wort that you so carefully brewed. So go ahead and be fussy. The beer you make will be better if you are.
Having an automated Forex trading system can give you an edge in Forex trading, but having a Forex strategy can give an upper hand. If you want to reap long term profits, then you just do not trade using your instinct or just because a particular trade excites you. You need a trading system or a strategy to make sure that you are getting solid trades and transactions.

A Forex strategy or system consists of rules that guide you on how to make trades in the Forex market. A Forex strategy or system provides information on when to enter a trade and how to exit the trade. It would also enable you to apply and use risk management rules.

There are ways to know if your Forex trading strategy is really successful or good.

• Start knowing how successful it has been in the past. It pays to know how much previous or existing users of the system have earned so far by using the strategy. Aside from that, also obtain some information on how much is the maximum drawdown of the system in its previous trading.

• There is a win-loss ratio wchich you can also check. It is about how much you have won compared with much you have lost. Aside from that, there is also a profit-loss ratio. This s about the average winning trade compared to the losing trade.

• You would also have to know how consistent the system is in delivering profits.

When choosing a Forex strategy, you do not only have to factor-in the success rate and profit percentage. You would also need to consider your lifestyle and what system can be used to fit or suit it. You would have to know what Forex trading system can be used appropriately in your time zone.

A useful strategy used in Forex trade is what is called leverage. With the leverage strategy, you would earn about a hundred times the amount of the money that you are trading in your account. A lot of traders have testified that they were able to win a lot of profit by using this kind of strategy. So if you have a funded Forex account, you can use this strategy to get more profits.

Another strategy is the stop-loss order. This strategy works by identifying a point where you will not trade. This trading point is identified and determined before the trading begins. When using this kind of strategy, you would have to be able to analyze trading signals so you would not be mistaken with your prediction. If your predicted trade did not go on as you expected, the stop loss system could be very disadvantageous.

The automated Forex trading is anther kind f system or strategy. Entering and exiting an order will be determined by your automated system. Again, the price and the point where the program would enter or exit a trade is predetermined.

These Forex trading strategies would help you have better trade opportunities in the Forex market. Whether you are using the leverage, stop loss or automated Forex trading system and strategies, 100 % success is not guaranteed. These strategies do not aim to give your perfect trades, because that is impossible. These trading strategies are here to help us minimize the risk of losing in the trade.
Forex trading has one of largest market share in the world. It earns about $3 trillion every year worldwide. But Forex trading is mainly speculative, the profits and losses are based on the currency movement. The big turn-out in profits attracts a lot of investors. Even those who are still beginning in this field are interested in joining, to make it easier, there is an automated Forex trading system that could help them make the transition easier.

With an automated Forex trading system you would have a programmed system that could monitor the progress of the Forex trading real time. It utilizes an expert advisor and a set of indicators that interprets the Forex trade and can even show you an opportunity to trade.

What is good about utilizing an automated Forex trading system is the quick way of picking things up. If you are a newcomer in trading, this would minimize the lengthy process of learning the market and its rules. You do not have to stay glued with the Forex market 24 hours to understand the Forex trading market. The software would keep tabs on the trade 24 hours a day.

This would keep you abreast with what is happening real time. This would enable you to make changes to your account real time based on changes happening in the market. Major trading changes could happen in a matter of just a few seconds.

Aside from that, the automated Forex trading system gets rid of the emotional and psychological aspect of trading. There would be times when series of losses can affect your way of thinking and analyzing the market. This could result to bad and rash decisions in the market. But the automated Forex trading system and software would help you deal with it.

The software is also easy to use and simple to install. It can be allowed to run into autopilot. Configuring the software would only last for a few minutes and then it can be allowed to do its work and its magic. You can be successful in automated Forex trading especially, if you are using a system that is suitable for you and at the same time, you are familiar with.

This would also enable you to be flexible and have diverse Forex trade. The automated Forex trading system can work with different types of brokers and different types of currencies. You would be able to trade with different markets and currencies. You can trade while on travel.

But the automated Forex trading system is not perfect. If it is, then a lot of people would be winning the trade. Money management is still important. You have to know how much you are willing to risk. To be successful, most traders would always have a fixed percentage of their equity at risk. They could increase the size of their trade in winning or decrease if losing.

If you already have an automated Forex trading system, then it would be better not to make any changes on the settings or the configurations. Having an automated Forex trading system does not guarantee success. Nor, is it the only thing that you should rely on to be successful in trading.

There are some factors that could influence trade. Forex market changes very fast depending on different factors and situations. Aside from having an automated Forex trading system, the investor or trader also needs to have knowledge of the trading system.

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